wes butler        


I am a Denver, Colorado based designer, introvert, and empath. I manage this sometimes difficult combination of the latter by wandering with a camera. Creation is revitalizing while analyzing any connection I may have to the resulting photos allows for introspection and personal growth.

While on an art blog, I came across the broken mirror photography of Bing Wright. I felt drawn to the beauty and destructive tone of this project, found it absolutely inspiring, and had to attempt to recreate the look. Between my twelve year old point-and-shoot, a lackluster sunset, and face swollen from an insect bite after capturing five photos, I took my surly demeanor home. Looking through the five photos, one was conceptually similar to what I was trying to capture, yet the execution was different. It had a mysterious beauty to it, and I knew then I was committed for the long run to photography and this process of bitter disappointment with moments of magic which is inherent in creating art.